Saturday Morning Miscellany - Of Set Ups and Shenanigans

Well we all know by now why this man is smiling
As he should be now that his accuser, the African immigrant chamber maid,
has been found to be a liar, a money launderer and an all around salope.

A month or so ago I was told by my French Connection,
who knows all about these kind of things,
that the rape accusation was a set up by Sarkozy's people to put DSK out of the running.
The report that I read involved a cozy relationship between a New York Police commissioner and Sarkozy. It was too convoluted for me to believe, but at this point who knows the truth, I certainly don't.
Maybe it was a political set up or maybe it was just the criminal maid acting on her own to try to extort DSK at any rate his DNA was found and he was up to some sort of sexual shenanigans with the maid.

DSK had his defenders right from the beginning, his wife Anne Sinclair first and foremost.

And of course  BHL, who leaped into the defense of his accused friend, now has the last word to say on the subject with this article from The Daily Beast.

End of the DSK Affair
The Dominique Strauss-Kahn affair isn't over. And won't be until his honor is restored. Bernard-Henri Levy on the lessons of the case.

Certainly his honor and reputation will be will his amour-propre.
But is it truly too late for the Presidency?