Disneyland and fishing in San Clemente

Today is Disneyland's 56th birthday. The image above was shot for an issue of the Orange County Industrial News -- a spine-tingling read to be sure -- and shows the airport coach (a 1957 or 1958 Chrysler Saratoga) at the Disneyland Hotel. I'm guessing the year was 1958 or so. I'm sure Mr. Ballard will be along shortly to fill us in on details.

For your early Disneyland fix, check out Mark Eades' interview with Diane Disney Miller (Uncle Walt's daughter,) in the Orange County Register. (Mark also posted a short article about Alice Davis, who contributed so much creative work to Disney over the years.)

One more Disneyland historical note: Sam Perricone, the long time owner of Main Street's Citrus House, has passed away. Link out for details.

Casa Romantica is hosting an exhibit on the history of fishing in San Clemente through Aug. 14th. A Register article about some of that history will give you a head start before you go.

My grandfather loved fishing in San Clemente on vacations in the 1940s and '50s. These were my family's first encounters with Orange County. Personally, I prefer not to meet critters I plan to eat until they're on display in plastic wrap at the supermarket.