Air Jordan 13(XIII) Original (OG) Blue White Black-N318475-653

Original Air Jordan 13 [XIII] Original Shoes

The very last year of Michael Jordan's career for the Chicago Bulls, the Air Jordan 13 came out onto the store shelves. This year was jam packed with activity, being the season Jordan broke the record for scoring double digits for the most consecutive games (788) and also leading the Bulls yet another championship, being the 6th.The Air Jordan 13 has a great design and was the only Jordan to sport a hologram in its design. The outward sole got its design from the panther paw because Michael's nickname was the "blackcat" from his fellow players since he was so quick and agile on the court.

The Jordan XIII was retroed again in 2008 and has had several retros made, including some fake Jordans that weer made in some pretty nasty colors. Get genuine Jordan shoes here below and find a great deal for a low priced Jordan 13 shoe.The AJ 13 shoe was claimed as the best designed shoe of all time and also featured the first hologram in an Air Jordan shoe which probably helped that concept to get across but the smooth lines and comfortable feel of the Cheap Jordan Shoes has helped it be a very popular AJ. Source