A Few Of My Favorite Things - Antique Victorian and Edwardian Rings

I actually went to a store last night and did some Christmas shopping.
Who said miracles don't happen.
For someone who shops primarily online, it is challenging to put up with the crowed parking lots, lines, and lack of personal space.  But, one way or another, Christmas is going to happen chez BHB.

We have been busy as Santa's elves with sorting through a new lot of vintage jewelry, many of them antiques.
Here are three of my favorites from Beladora2.com

We've had Miss de Ville working fast and furiously on these antique pieces.
It helps that she wears her Santa hat in the office.

And just because I want to share the love
Christmas puppies
In Germany, 10 out of a litter of 17 (!!) Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies.
Aren't they adorable?