How To Wear Estate Jewelry - The Corporate Christmas Party

Well, it's time for the corporate Christmas party again where dress and behavior really do matter...especially if you haven't yet learned what your year end bonus is going to be. 
Naturally, modesty and decorum are highly recommended at all corporate events,
and control when it comes to your alcohol consumption.
Also, try not to dress better than the CEO's wife or else he will think that he is paying you too much.

Last night while attending a fancy schmancy corporate shindig at the Bel Air Country Club
I curtailed my wild and wanton ways, and didn't even attempt to dazzle the old guard financial types with dancing on tables with a lampshade on my head. Especially since I was guest.
Instead I dressed up in my Christmas best.

Not the clearest of photos with my iphone but you get the idea.
My bright red silk dress was perfect with this ruby and diamond bow set.
I love this jewelry, especially the earrings.
It was beautiful and bright and yes perhaps a little girly...but the bows were just perfect for Christmas.

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