Comparing iPhone 4 vs. the smartphone elite: EVO 4G, N8, Pre Plus, and HD2

We know how the iPhone 4 sizes up against the aging 3GS -- but how does it fare against its fiercest competitors from all the major platforms? We wish we had some production Windows Phone 7 kit to check out here, but in the meantime, take a look at the results against the gruesome foursome of the EVO 4GN8Pre Plus, and HD2. You might be surprised by some of the results -- and sorry, RIM, you don't get to play until you bring some fresh, media-heavy hardware to the table. Nothing personal! 
 iPhone 4 launch timing coincides with the end of many unlimited data plans — including AT&T’s. Unless you’re grandfathered it with an existing plan, that is.

Here are the results (from most to least) for the “unlimited” plans:
  • Incredible: $3,079
  • iPhone 4: $2,959
  • Evo 4G: $2,839
  • Nexus One: $2,440