Vintage Vogues of Christmases Past

In a time long ago, in a place far far away, fashion magazines weren't all about celebrities and the latest actress du jour.  As David posted about today, Vogue back in the day, had beautifully illustrated cover art.

How fabulous is this illustration?
I can't read the date but I'm guessing the early 1920's

And here's another cover one with the Brancusi like beauty.
1920's also I suppose.
In addition to to illustration Vintage Vogue had clever constructions
such as this cover art from 1940.
I love how the title was formed with pieces of Retro Jewelry.
And note the classic Retro ruby and diamond bracelet, it reminds me of this beautiful bracelet.

Ah, crunch time is on for another few days and then the Christmas break.
I can't wait.
Also, I've been enjoying all the blogs with gorgeous Xmas decoration
Here's one that I recommend mynottinghill.