John Wall’s Reebok Zig Slash

Gold Rush John Wall Shoe

The NBA’s 2010 first overall draft pick, John Wall, aims to help the Washington Wizards get back to the Playoffs this season. He’s hitting the hardwood in the Reebok Zig Slash, which incorporates Zig technology into its design.


The shoe is so light and flexible, it feels like a part of the foot. With Zig technology, the shoe produces more power with each stride (think of it as bouncing back energy) and actually helps reduce muscle pain in the legs. The Reebok Zig Slash puts less stress on the shin and hamstring muscles, allowing athletes to train longer and harder without wear and tear. The shoe is also designed to conserve and return energy to the forefoot.


“They did a great job,” Wall said during a press release earlier in the year. “[The shoe] helps me when I’m running fast and when I’m balancing [during cuts]. I can’t wait to be the first person to turn them into a basketball shoe and put them on the court.” source