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You've probably been looking at great shoes thinking about which ones you want for your special prom. If you truly want to have a good time dancing and enjoying the activities at the prom, then it's important that you get shoes that aren't going to hurt as the evening goes on. Nothing is less sexy than limping around on painful, bloody feet. This article will give you some tips of what to look for when choosing those fantastic shoes to complement your prom gown.

If you absolutely can't help yourself and have to buy a pair of shoes that you know are going to hurt after you stand in them for awhile, you can make simple plans in advance that will save your poor, aching feet later on. Stick a pair of jewel-encrusted flip-flops in your purse so that if your shoes hurt, you can change.

If you want to wear shoes with high heels, purchase a pair that has ankle straps. Straps will keep you from twisting an ankle or losing one of your shoes out on the crowded dance floor.

A pair of shoes that are exactly the same color as your dress will always look stunning. You may not be able to find ready-made shoes in the exact shade, but you can always have a pair of white shoes dyed, or you can spray paint a pair yourself.

If you've chosen a dress that is very simple and lacks sparkle, you can add a bit of pizzazz by choosing shoes that are loaded with beading, sequins, or shimmer. Metallic shoes are hot right now, and if you're wearing a shiny dress, the metallic shoes will add far more glamour than matte-surfaced silver or gold leather shoes will do. Sparkly gowns look great with shoes that are their sparkly equals. With this ensemble, you'll look like your entire outfit was made to order, and your shoes may earn some attention in their own right. For gowns that feature rhinestone studding, try to find shoes that have identical rhinestones on them. Compare the size, shape, and style of the rhinestones when you're choosing.

For people who prefer to wear open-toed sandals, a pedicure is a must. You'll want to enhance your glamorous look with equally-glamorous toes.

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Shoes can turn a lovely gown into pure magic as long as you choose a pair that will perfectly accessorize your dress. Prom is special enough that you'll want to look your best from head to toes. If you're wearing a dress with an asymmetrical hem in order to show off your fantastic legs, the ideal shoes will have high heels. You might consider a strappy sandal with a tall wedge heel that will flatter your legs even more.

You may have chosen a floor-length ball gown to fulfill your childhood dreams of becoming a princess. In this case, your shoes won't make much difference as long as you stick to something simple that won't take away from the dress. A pair of kitten-heeled mules will be ideal, because the low heels will feel comfortable all evening, and you won't find yourself constantly tripping over your dress while wearing them.

Wearing a gown with long, slinky lines requires a pair of sexy, slinky shoes. A strappy sandal with a high, stiletto heel will give you some additional height while flattering your feet.

For those who choose shorter dress styles, shoes are very important. A flared, calf-length dress should be paired with platform slingbacks that exactly match your dress while adding a little retro flare.

An A-line gown won't have the fullness in the skirt that a traditional ball gown does, so your shoes will show more. Shoes with pointy-toes, slingback straps, and a low heel will be the perfect accessory for an A-line gown. The pointy-toes will look cute peeking out from under your dress every now and then, and the low heels will mean you can dance in comfort all evening long.