President Harrison visits Santa Ana

The photo above shows President Benjamin Harrison's reception at Santa Ana Station in 1891. (Click image to embigulate.) The image below is a closeup detail from the same photo, showing Harrison on his whistle-stop in Orange County. Note the eagle-topped arbor at left.
This photo was one of a number of images our friend Lisa Ackerman discovered for the Orange County Archives at a recent estate sale. They were among a number of photos by local photographer B.F. Conaway, and the Archives ended up with the whole set.
For those who napped through their U.S. History classes, Benjamin Harrison was our 23rd president and served one term: from 1889 to 1893. A Republican, he was best remembered for various pieces of economic legislation. (Remember why you napped through U.S. History yet?)
The economy was tanking during his years in office. Moreover, he was held responsible for the first federal budget to reach a billion dollars. He had his ass handed to him in the next election.
During his administration, six states were admitted to the union: North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Idaho and Wyoming.
Odd Fact: Benjamin Harrison was the grandson of our 9th president, William Henry Harrison.