Groom's Shoes | Shoes for Men's Bride


After finally settling on your tungsten wedding bands, a cake, a tux, and the groomsmen, the last thing you want to do is go shoe shopping.

Your wedding shoes just have to be shiny and black right? No. Picking the wrong pair means you could be stuck in the most uncomfortable shoes for the duration of your wedding - a good thirteen hours.

And picking the wrong style will leave a lasting impression that you're the kind of guy who can't pick out his own footwear.

"I liked everything but his shoes... Did you see them? Hideous"


Groom Shoe Shopping Made Easy

Here are some tips for men to choose the right fit and style for their nuptial attire.

Grooms may have easier than their fashion-conscious brides, but still run into difficulties choosing to wear lace-up dress shoes, slip-on leather loafers or canvas sneakers with their nuptial attire. The most important thing for guys is to make sure they get the shoes that match their tux or suit. Specialty clothing stores for suits and tuxedos usually sell dress shoes, but it's vital to check price and fit.

Otherwise a groom could end up stuffing his size thirteens into a size ten. Imaging trying to do the chicken dance in too-small shoes. Ouch.

What is truly important for the groom, and his groomsmen, is the comfort and look of the shoe. A groom will feel more confident walking next to his beloved if he likes and feels comfy in his entire wedding outfit. Leather dress shoes can vary from heavy or soft leather but either way, leather allows the feet to breathe.

Many grooms choose a more casual and fun approach to their wedding and opt to wear tennis or canvas shoes with trendy socks. What a way to add a laid-back twist to the ceremony and say, "I'm here to have fun."

A good thing for guys to remember when they go out shoe shopping is to take socks and/or insoles that they will be wearing at the wedding along with them. This way, they can find just the right fit.

And yes, socks do matter. There are two types: ankle and knee-high. Make sure you try both with your suit/tux and shoes to see what looks best.


Budget help: it is appropriate for the groom to wear an old pair of dress shoes, just as long as they are neatly polished before the wedding!

Now that you've got an idea about what to put your feet in, a reminder for both sexes is to always take the time to break-in your new shoes! Do not wait until the wedding day otherwise you might be so sore that you will have to sit out for that special "first dance" with your new spouse! The general rule for the amount of time you need to "break-in" a pair of shoes is four days for heels and three days for leather shoes for about one to three hours around the house or even at a wedding event. Try them out on different surfaces to test for potential slipping!

General wedding shoe-shopping tips for both men and women:

* It doesn't really matter when you buy shoes as long as you do not leave it for the last minute.
* Choose a nondescript shoe so that the focus can be on your dress or tuxedo
* Measure both feet at a shoe store. Sometimes, one foot is bigger than the other, especially if you've recently gained or lost weight
* Also consider the width of the shoes. Shoes may not be great if they are too narrow because they may cause blisters
* By all means buy online; just do it in time