How To Do High-Low Style - The Privileged Way

What we've been waiting for, the images from the Lavish Conference.
This lovely lady knows how to put it all together in the BHB high-low way
and she looks sensational.
I love the way that she can pair a very reasonably priced dress from Zappos ($138)

with some exquisite estate pearl jewelry from (also reasonably priced but not $138)

And I love the way that she effortly mixes classic vintage pieces with the ultra modern.

Note how the Art Deco diamond brooch in platinum, a family piece from her grandmother, was incorporated with a modern yellow gold wide cuff. 
It takes a special level of taste to be able to see the possibilities of pairing that classy diamond cuff with the ultra modern cognac and white diamond earrings by Stefan Hafner from

So go to her blog now and tell her how fab she looks. 
No really, I mean it, right now!

I also just want to make an additional comment.
Her jewelry photography is practically on the professional level.
(Do you think that she would agree to an internship at Beladora?)