BHB Recommends - Valentine's Day Estate Jewelry Gifts Under $1000

Check out my pretty red roses...gorgeous aren't they?

I wanted to start posting about Valentine's Day jewelry gifts two weeks ago
and travel and other diversions kept me from getting around to it.

Thankfully, LPC blogged about this unique Amore Ring
and Mary chose our Multi-Gemstone Heart Earrings as her Vintage Pick of the Day
I'm so grateful for their posts.

In BHB tradition I was going to do a high/low gift suggestion post
but given the crazy rise in commodities affecting food prices worldwide, the international unrest from Algeria to Iran and the stratospheric unemployment numbers right here at home
I think I'll just stick to the low.

So here are my suggestions Estate Jewelry Valentine's Day Gifts for under $1000

Don't forget, there's lots of adorable vintage estate jewelry on too!