Wedding Shoes .. The Fact About


On your day, chances are that you'll want every little detail to be just perfect, including your shoes. Though they may often hide beneath your billowing gown, are nevertheless a critical element of your entire ensemble. But with so many styles and choices available, it can be difficult to reach a final decision.

A few things to consider when searching for the right pair to don on your special day are style, color and, most importantly, comfort. Before you head out to comb the local stores for just the right elegant pumps, take a moment to consider the many types of shoe available to brides with these stand out example.


Harlow Heels

A classic heel is a great place to start when finding shoes for your day. Have a heightening and elongating effect, but may not be the best choice for brides who aren't used to wearing them often. The Harlow style is a peep satin heel available in ivory or white, featuring a sleek design with low cut sides and an open toe. The slats near the front of the shoe are adorned with flatback crystals for added sparkle. The heel measures 3 5/8 inches.

Kyra Thongs

For brides who would be more comfortable in a lower profile shoe, the Kyra satin low wedge thong may be just the pair you have in mind. The perfect choice for an outdoor ceremony or reception, these thongs offer a ton of comfort, compared to more restrictive heels, and feature a soft leather sole. The heel measures 1 ½ inches and the straps that criss-cross in the front are decked with beads and crystals, adding an elegant shine. If these shoes strike your fancy for the bridal party, they are completely dyeable.


Brenna Flats

When comfort is the most important issue at stake, a bride can't go wrong with this classic pair of Brenna flats. This simple pair of flats has a soft satin covering and a forgiving leather insole. Flats are an excellent choice for taller brides who wish to draw attention from their height as well as for those who are either inexperienced with wearing heels or would simply rather enjoy greater comfort. It's important to remember that it's quite common for brides to wear comfortable shoes most of the day, and switch for posed photos.

Makenzie Platforms

Brides who may balk at higher heels, but still wish to wear them, may appreciate the comfort of Makenzie Platform heels. Technically a sandal with a single adjustable heel strap in the back, these open toed shoes feel much lower than the 3 ¾ inches they actually measure, due to the platform. Near the toe, the large satin strap is adorned with a sparkling rhinestone brooch, providing the perfect classy finish to a truly elegant yet comfy pair of bridal heels.

Rio Sizzle Heels

If your personal style trends more on the dramatic side, you'll appreciate these strappy Rio heeled sandals by Sizzle. These minimal sandals have a metallic finish and are available in a variety of colors. The heels measure a full 3 inches and the ankle strap and main strap that crosses your toes are packed with shining rhinestones. Make a big impression on your big day with these eye catching heels! [via]