Mouse concept | Air Mouse

 If technology is evolving with each passing minute then why should the gadgets and accessories remain square and orthodox? Catching up the technological evolution, Canadian firm Deanmark Ltd has come up with a revolutionary computer mouse that invariably becomes an integral part of your body. Hailed as the “AirMouse,” the radical mouse can be worn on your hand like a glove, allowing easy as well as brisk web navigation. Integrating a right and left click mouse buttons in the palm, the AirMouse comes equipped with optical tracking laser that lasts for a week on single charge.

In comparison to the conventional mice, the AirMouse reduces the excessive force in a huge way, as it aligns itself with the user’s hand and wrist ligaments to keep the hand in a neutral position. Moreover, the user can type on the keyboard with ease without removing the glove. The wearable mouse will be available for a reasonable $129 by the end of the year.