"Nike Running Shoes" ..Why People Like It

Having that Nike slogan remind me of what it takes to like the 40-year-old I see when I look in the mirror -priceless! You know one experience is so amazing with nike trainers!

The “Just Do It” the slogan gets me out the door on the days when I do not want to. It reminds me to be a Tiger or as aka Nike spokesman, when all I want to do is sleep. It makes me want to “Be like Mike Jordan and soar towards the finish line.

The rubber sole that seems to make a special connection to every contour of my feet, the easy string ups that never get tangled, the breathable fabric that fights back the scorching Georgia summers, like old friends – they take care of my feet. All strong points are from Nike Taking.

Once strung on, my feet rest as if in a familiar cocoon, ready for the journey of the day. It’s almost as if they ask, “Where are we going on this 5, 10, 15 mile journey today?” For the elder people, the shoes can be a good partner in their casual life. [via]