Going Gucci

The beautiful Tabitha at Bourbon & Pearls posted today about the 90th birthday of Gucci and shopping there in her wayward youth.  I shopped there too, way back in the day.

Even with all that happened during the 90 years of the brand

for me what stands out the most was Tom Ford's fabulous 1995 collection for Gucci which revitalized the brand, taking it from Horsey to full on Hollywood
specifically because of this outfit

which we all remember being worn by Madonna

As much as I like vintage clothes
I actually think that wearing this specific blue today would come off as dated 
I prefer to stick with jewelry,
it has, in my opinion, a longer wearable life

such as this vintage Gucci Diamond Bracelet in 18K with black onyx and banded agate

I love the rich colors with just a bit of bling

 and the iconic snaffle bit style
Given that the House of Gucci is coming out with outfits like this black shorts-y thing
which I find to be both un-chic an unflattering
I hope that the firm finds their next Tom Ford
In the meantime, I'll skip the clothes and stick with the jewelry.