Electric car concept | Toyota MOB

The Toyota MOB concept is the work of Spanish designer Jorge Marti Vidal. The concept was developed during his final year of the Masters degree course in automotive design at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia.
The Toyota MOB is a striking looking sports car which features unusual bodywork inspired by the idea of the Mobius strip. The car is made up of two continuos panels, which weave their way back and forth through the vehicle to create to create the structure as a whole. The two strips make up everything from the bodywork and chassis, to the seats and dashboard. The shape of the unusual five-part wheels was inspired by the appearance of blooming flowers.

The main material used in the construction of the Toyota MOB would be an organic material called "liquid wood". Basically it is formed using the waste product of lignin - which is left over during the manufacturing of paper. The lignin is then combined with wood fibers to form a composite material which is durable, recyclable and easily formed into complicated shapes.

To further improve the Toyota MOB's eco-friendly credentials, the proposed drivetrain is all-electric - with each wheel getting its own dedicated motor.

Marti Vidal envisaged the Toyota MOB as a environmentally responsible racing car, but it could just as easily act as a lightweight sports car. As such the car is fitted with a small cargo area for storing personal items.
Toyota MOB dimensions:
Length - 3,643mm / 143 inches
Width - 1,787mm / 70 inches
Height - 1,063mm / 42 inches