Was The Necklace On Lindsay Lohan's List?

Isn't there some kind of awards nonsense going on this weekend?
I just can't keep track because at this time of year there seems to be an awards show every other weekend.  A couple of weeks ago we loaned jewelry to the woman who won Best Actress at the SAG awards, and she didn't bother to wear any of it.  We get that a lot. It doesn't seem worth the trouble or the *cough Lindsay Lohan* risk. 

On the topic of The Affair of the Necklace , A, B and C list celebrities are "gifted" goods all the time.  I bet that if she had just asked for the necklace they would have given it to her, or perhaps sold it to her at cost.  Let's face it, this is the best publicity Kamofie & Company jewelers could ever had.  Now everyone knows that Kamofie & Co. has such great jewelry that Lindsey Lohan, while on probation, will "borrow" it.

Beladora happily loaned jewelry to Lindsey Lohan for her spread in Vanity Fair, and there wasn't any problem.  But that was because of the VF people who were, as always, exceptionally professional.

Now, onto another topic altogether
I hadn't realized what a prolific author Nina Garcia was. Did you?
I mean I knew about her Little Black Book of Style
but I didn't realize that she has written many books and has a page on Amazon.
Yesterday, while waiting for my car at the car wash
I perused Garcia's The One Hundred: A Guide To The Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own
It's not a bad book and has charming illustrations by Ruben Toledo.

The book is organized as an extensive A to Z list of items
but as I read it I found myself wondering does every stylish woman really need espadrilles?
What about Vans?
Old Concert T-Shirt, really?

The older I get the more interested I am in having fewer items in my wardrobe.
I consider Tish's 20 Essential Pieces more interesting than Capes, Converse and Cowboy Boots...and I'm only in the C list.
Here's the list:
A: A-line Dress, Animal Print, Ankle Bootie, Aviators

B: Ballet Flat, Bangles, Belts, Bikini, BlackBerry, Black Opaque Tights, Blazer, Boyfriend Cardigan, Brooch

C: Cable-Knit Sweater, Caftan, Camel Coat, Cape, Cashmere Sweater, Charm Bracelet, Clutch, Cocktail Ring, Converse, Cosmetics Bag, Cowboy Boots, Cuff

D, E, F: Denim Jacket, Diamond Studs, Driving Shoe, Espadrilles, Evening Gown, Exotic Skin Bag, Fishnets, Frye Harness Boot, Fur
G, H, I: Gentlemen's Hat, Gloves, Havaianas, Hobo Bag, Hoop Earrings, Investment Bag, iPod

J, K, L: Jeans, Jewelry Pouches, Khakis, Knee Boots, Leather Pants, Lingerie, Little Black Dress, Little White Dress, L.L. Bean Tote, Luggage

M, N, O: Mad Money, Man's White Shirt, Mary Janes, Minnetonka Moccasin, Missoni Knit, Monogrammed Stationery, Motorcycle Jacket, Nail Polish, Old Concert T-Shirt, One-Piece Swimsuit

P, Q, R: Pajamas, Peacoat, Pearl Necklace, Pencil Skirt, Perfume, Plain White Tee, Polo Shirt, Pucci, Push-Up Bra, Quality Champagne, Red Lipstick, Robe

S: Safari Jacket, Sandals, Sarong, Signet Ring, Silk Scarf, Slippers, Spanx, Statement Necklace, Stilettos, Striped Sailor Shirt, Suit, Sunhat

T, U, V: Trench, Turquoise and Coral Jewelry, Tuxedo Jacket, Umbrella, Underwear, Valid Passport, Vans, Vintage

W, Y, Z: Watch, Wayfarers, Wellington Boot, Wide-Leg Trousers, Wrap Dress, Yoga Gear, Zippered Hoodie

While I think the list needs more editing, I am in agreement with Garcia on the jewelry although I would add chandelier earrings.

I'm just curious
What do you think of the list?
Do you own all of these items? 
What would you add and subtract from this list?