Not Going Gaga - Julia Roberts Jewelry Style

The red carpet looks for last weekend's Grammy Awards have been all over the web
complete with a lot of nonsense about Lady Gaga's ridiculous entrance
Why is it that the only word that comes to my mind
when it comes to Lady Gaga is ennui

Beyonce and Gwynneth looked great without going full Gaga

But do they have the same hair stylist?

On a much more down to earth level
we had the always understated Julia Roberts
at the the annual awards dinner of the American Society of Cinematographers
where she won the Board of Governor's Award along with Tom Hanks

The Daily Mail nailed her for looking matronly,
But, as far as I'm concerned Julia Roberts has moved into Grande Dame territory
and like Meryl Streep, she can wear what she wants
and of course we are always happy when she chooses to wear Beladora jewelry.