Why is She famous | Victoria Silvstedt

Victoria Silvstedt was born on the 19th of September, 1974, in Skelleftea, Sweden -- a small village very close to the Arctic Circle. She was raised with an older sister and a younger brother in her then middle class family.Growing up, she spent her winters skiing professionally, but at 18 she decided to enter a different competition. Victoria entered the Miss Sweden contest and represented Sweden in the 1993 Miss World Pageant. Although she didn't win, she did come in as one of the top ten contestants.After the pageant, Victoria left her small town in hot pursuit of fame. She found herself in Paris where she began modeling professionally. Standing at 5'10", it wasn't very difficult for the stunner to get modeling gigs silvstedt .
 Why is She famous 
 Her stint as a poster bunny and secondary roles on small films have given her a start in her rise to fame, but she still has a long way to go.
Beyond the money and glory she received as Play.boy's Playmate of the Year, Victoria's career has been a bit lagging. She has taken on acting roles, but she has been typecast as just another pretty dumb blonde. The release of her first music album didn't exactly burn the charts. In fact, until we researched her for this feature, we never even knew she had an album. Without being sarcastic, there are certain parts of her that are more famous than others. Unfortunately for her, most men only recognize her when her clothing is not present. She hasn't taken the world by storm yet, but all she needs is one big public relations bonanza to ensure she never leaves the public's mind.