Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Her Tape

 Kim Kardashian, born October 21, 1980 is an American “model” and “actress”. It is difficult to identify the nature of her “career”, besides being a prominent member of Hollywood 2.0 lifestyle. Her rise to infamy took off when she released her home-made kinky tape that she recorded with her “boyfriend” Ray J. Inside sources however say that they weren’t really dating, and she just picked him simply to distinguish herself from a similar tape, made by her mentor and the most talented person in the universe, international super-diva Paris Hilton. She has also been paid $5 million for the tape by Vivid, giving her plenty of cash flow to pursue her further “projects”. Her mother, Kim Kardashian tape initially puzzled by the move, later admitted on record that she was proud of her daughter’s business sense and wished she could have thought of the kinky-tape move herself as soon as Kim has been finally potty trained and given up her diapers at the age of 11, allowing plenty of time for capitalization.

It is widely speculated that should her new show “Keeping up with the Kardashians” not deliver according to their expectations, a sequel of the tape is going to be released. Spin-offs showcasing her sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are also expected to be readily available. It is still unclear whether her teenage half-sisters are going to embrace Hollywood 2.0 lifestyle.

After Kim’s initial exposure, her career has gained momentum, allowing her to last 3 weeks on the “Dancing with the Stars” before getting booted for her questionable dancing moves. It is reported, that the show that generally picks real stars, may have made an exception for Kim in exchange for some “undisclosed favors” and “further consideration”. Kim has also starred alongside Carmen Electra and Vanessa Minnillo in a 2008 flick “Disaster Movie”. Consistent with the movie’s title, it was trashed by the critics, and Kim’s performance was described as “atrocious”.

Despite the downturn in her acting career, Kim has developed a workout DVD. It is unclear whether she has watched the DVD herself or how exactly she’s planning on marketing the precious material, but it has become apparent that the DVD will not replicate the success of her kinky tape. Insiders say that she is considering an R-rated version of her workout DVD program that is intended to target overweight exotic dancer fans

It’s a regular day for Kim Kardashian – she has a whopping two things on her list. 1. Meet up with some friends and 2. go get pampered. We spotted her out with her BFF Lala Vazquez getting pedicures at a salon in New York. And get this, she was also there with the Tony the Tiger lady from the other day! Hilarious. They must be BFFs too! It’s hard to imagine Kim would spend time with someone so odd looking, but then, she does pose regularly with her sister Khloe, so…
Kim recently opened up about her infamous sex tape. She told Harpers Bazaar that “she never made a business off the tape. She made a business off of her family and the tv show”. She said that the Kardashians were in talks about the tv show before the tapes came out. Yeah, but that tape certainly helped didn’t it, Kim?